Thursday, 13 September 2012

Yontoo Pagerage: Remove Yontoo Pagerage immediately from your PC

Yontoo Pagerage is a malicious browser hijacker that works similarly as a Google redirect virus and  automatically gets installed in the users system without users permission and consent .once when installed in the system automatically redirect web browsers like Google, Yahoo and Bing searches to malicious web pages. It take control of the web browser and modifies browser settings and install many processes that runs in the background to harm system processes. It also has ability to steal confidential information from the system. So it is highly recommender to delete Yontoo Pagerage infection immediately.

Automatic Yontoo Pagerage removal tool

If you are troubled with Yontoo Pagerage infection in your system than the best way to remove Yontoo Pagerage infection in your system is to use an automatic Yontoo Pagerage removal tool. It is an advanced software having cleaning engine tool  to remove Yontoo Pagerage threat completely.

User Guide : How to use this Software

Step 1:Download and installl software in you system. Than thi interface will appear in which  you can find three different scanning options that ask you for Quick Scan, Full Scan & Custom Scan.

Step 2: The quick scan option finds malicious spyware threats existing in your PC and remove all the threats safely from your system.With the given clean option you will be able to clean all identified infections from your System.

Step 3: Select the ‘recover’ option from main interface of the software application to   delete detected spyware infections permanently .

Step 4: Clicking over the ‘Recover’ button, you will able to open and view the entire malicious entries being cleaned and then press delete option so as to have the entries deleted completely.

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  1. Erik

    Excellent, easy to follow instructions. Used them to fix my daughter’s computer this morning. I instructed her to install an AV, which she did not have.

    Provide me information to know how I will be able to know that my system gets infected once again by same virus???